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Risks of playing at casinos without a license

The web gambling market has expanded significantly in recent years, giving players exciting and convenient options to partake in their preferred activities on casino sites. However, this expansion has also caused an increase in shady casinos that prey on targeting naive players. It is vital to comprehend the misleading strategies used by these businesses, highlighting the necessity of reading online casino reviews and selecting legitimate platforms. It is also impossible to overestimate the significance of licensing, regulation, security measures, and ethical gaming practices.

Sites that have chosen the legal path and applied for a gambling license in the US are required to follow specific guidelines. The license prevents them from engaging in illegal activities and guarantees that they offer secure platforms for players to register and make deposits. Without this license, an online casino or bookmaker is essentially free to conduct business as usual without worrying about breaking any laws or regulations.

According to the regulations governing these websites with official licenses, it is necessary to use an arbitration service so that, in the event that a consumer and a platform disagree, there is a certain course of action that can be followed. In this case, you can use arbitration to get your issues resolved if you’re playing on a website and think it’s unfair or deceptive. You essentially have no help if a platform has no license. And there are even more negative consequences that you can encounter.

If you persist with making a deposit, you will discover that your money disappears. This is possible since an unlicensed online betting business is free to operate however it pleases. The operator of the unauthorized site is likely to keep the money for themselves since you made the decision to deposit the money. Due to the fact that the platform opted to provide its services to you illegally, you would not have any solutions to handle this situation.

It’s likely that you won’t ever see that money again unless you made your initial deposit using a card, in which case you can often lodge a chargeback request. Unlike legitimate platforms, illegal online gambling companies are not constrained by laws and regulations, so they can just keep the money.

The Risks of Unregulated Gambling

Many fraudulent websites could appear to be working smoothly. You make a deposit, participate in the games, and even win a good enough sum. However, when it comes to requesting a withdrawal, these websites typically have a tendency to delay the procedure, hold back the money, and fail to do so. Again, this is all because the casino operator has no license, and transaction processes are not regulated in any way. Such an operator could keep that money on hold for weeks or months because it is not required to follow any rules on when a payout must be made.

Unlicensed websites frequently make absurd offers, such as a 5,000% bonus of up to $1,000. They do this because, even if you win, they won’t pay you.

You might wonder why anyone would bet on an illegal site in light of everything that has already been stated on this page. Some players are simply unaware that they are using an illegal brand to gamble, which is very simple considering the abundance of licensed brands and the number of unlicensed sites created specifically to trick consumers into using them.

However, the majority of gambling on the illicit market is deliberate. Although there are many different reasons why someone could utilize an illegal betting site, the following reasons are usually the main ones:

  • Unlicensed sites can offer better odds and returns because they don’t pay taxes.
  • Illegal platforms do not have to invest in monitoring, verification processes, or measures for responsible gaming, which might lead to better odds for players.
  • To enjoy the profit from larger promos and offers.
  • A player seeks out illicit sites as a result of being restricted by the majority of US sites (e.g., for bonus abuse or persistent winning).
  • A gambler has received an invitation to register for an unauthorized website that offers more benefits, frequently via spam email.
Therefore, despite the associated risks, illegal gambling continues to be appealing to many people. As the gambling business becomes more regulated and taxes rise, these expenses are subsequently passed on to the users of legal sites, meaning that bettors and gamblers can find more value (or at least they think they can) with an unlicensed operator. This is one of the two sides of the same coin, which is the legal regulation of gambling, both online and offline.

There is little to prevent unlicensed sites from being established anywhere, although there are some places where offshore platforms are more likely to open a business than other places. One of the top places that operators have chosen over the years is Curacao. The reason behind this is that it is simple to obtain a Curacao eGaming license, giving the impression that a website is attempting to offer a legitimate business.

The guidelines that are included with Curacao gaming licenses really don’t matter since they are too scarce. The majority of operators are not pressured to pay their license fees, declare revenue for taxes, or follow any security procedures. At the end of the day, they are essentially providing an unlawful service.

Following an agreement signed with the Netherlands for financial assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, pressure has been placed on Curacao to change its gaming industry requirements. The Curacao authorities have been asked to establish a single regulatory body to manage the industry as part of the State Package from the Dutch government.