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How It Works

To prevent any confusion or misconceptions regarding the links you might consider clicking on and the entire affiliate system here at Lucky Gambler, we kindly urge you to carefully read this Disclaimer.

Why Referral Links? These links are an integral part of our business model, and they play a crucial role in sustaining our website. The primary reason we opt for this approach over other models is our unwavering commitment to providing the best possible user experience. In practical terms, this means our readers won’t encounter pesky advertisement banners, won’t be burdened by subscription fees or membership charges, and won’t be coerced into purchasing reviews from us. Every piece of information you find on Lucky Gambler is freely accessible, and you won’t have to part with a dime while using our site.

Clicking on Referral Links: When a reader on Lucky Gambler clicks on a referral link leading to an online casino and proceeds to register a real money account with that casino, Lucky Gambler’s project receives a small commission from the casino operator.

Earning Commissions: Online casinos generate revenue by offering paid services to gamblers seeking to enjoy their games. When platforms like Lucky Gambler recommend these online casinos to potential customers, and those customers sign up, it opens up an opportunity for the casino to make money. Consequently, the casino compensates the platform that promotes it to potential players with a modest commission.

No Additional Cost to You: It’s important to emphasize that players don’t incur any extra expenses, and their contributions are not diverted to cover the commissions paid by casinos to Lucky Gambler. Neither player deposits nor bonuses nor any other payments are influenced by the fact that casinos pay a commission to Lucky Gambler. There is no direct way for players to contribute funds to Lucky Gambler, and our platform does not accept any money from our readers.

How We Utilize Funds

Lucky Gambler takes pride in offering valuable services to gamblers, guiding them to reputable and top-notch casinos. However, providing such services entails certain costs. Here’s a glimpse into how Lucky Gambler allocates the funds earned through commissions from online casino websites.

Addressing Technical Problems and Website Maintenance

All websites demand regular maintenance, and occasional technical hiccups are inevitable. Ensuring that Lucky Gambler maintains its high-quality, secure, and dependable platform for users is a top priority. Consequently, we allocate a significant portion of our funds to efficiently manage and upkeep the website.

Fresh Reviews

In order to conduct comprehensive assessments of online casinos, Lucky Gambler experts frequently take the plunge by signing up, depositing real money, and placing actual bets. This hands-on approach grants us firsthand experience of the user journey within an online casino. Naturally, such an exhaustive method demands a financial commitment each time.

Additional Content

At Lucky Gambler, we’re constantly eager to produce supplementary content, whether it’s educational, informative, or simply entertaining. However, creating extra content comes with its own costs, and a portion of our commissions is earmarked to enhance your casino exploration experience with engaging and enjoyable articles.