Non-Smoking Casinos in Las Vegas: A Healthier Way to Play

Non-Smoking Casinos in Las Vegas: A Healthier Way to Play
According to the Nevada Clean Air Act, smoking indoors is prohibited except in tobacco stores, strip clubs, private residences, certain stand-alone bars, and casinos. Although many states have banned indoor smoking, gamblers in Las Vegas casinos are still allowed to smoke, much to the frustration of non-smokers in their vicinity.

According to a research conducted by the University of Connecticut, casinos justify their decision to permit smoking by believing that it benefits their business. The study indicates that smoking has been proven to boost gambling behavior and can even lead to a “craving” for this activity. Although smoking is a common habit among gamblers, the majority of people who visit Las Vegas are non-smokers. Many of these visitors do not want to be exposed to smoke while they are gambling. Given this consideration, we, as a team, have created a comprehensive guide that highlights the smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas as well as the casinos that have minimal smoke. As time passes, we are optimistic that the number of casinos in Las Vegas that are smoke-free will continue to grow.

Casinos in Vegas without Smoke

Positioned on the southern end of the Strip, Park MGM stands out as the sole smoke-free resort in Las Vegas.

MGM Park Las Vegas

Park MGM Las Vegas stands out as a pioneering smoke-free casino on the Las Vegas Strip, demonstrating a significant shift towards healthier gaming environments. Since its reopening in September 2020, Park MGM has enforced a comprehensive non-smoking policy that includes all its premises: the casino floor, convention center, restaurants, bars, hotel rooms, and common areas. This policy has not only been well-received by patrons but also shown no negative financial impacts, thereby supporting the viability of smoke-free casinos.

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Key Features of Park MGM Las Vegas

  1. Complete Smoke-Free Environment: Park MGM is the only entirely non-smoking casino resort on the Strip, offering a fresh, clean atmosphere that appeals to both smokers and non-smokers.
  2. Strategic Location: Located near notable attractions such as New York-New York Hotel & Casino and T-Mobile Arena, Park MGM offers convenience and accessibility.
  3. Pet-Friendly Accommodations: The resort welcomes dogs with a combined weight limit of under 100 pounds, with applicable charges per night, ensuring a comfortable stay for pet owners.
  4. Health and Recreation: A state-of-the-art gym is available, featuring advanced weight and cardio equipment, catering to health-conscious visitors.
  5. Guest Services: The concierge is readily available to assist with tour bookings, restaurant reservations, and more, enhancing the overall guest experience.

Financial and Market Impact

  • Consumer Preference and Profitability: The success of Park MGM’s smoke-free model provides real-world evidence that consumer preferences are shifting towards smoke-free environments, which can be profitable.
  • Positive Customer Feedback: Guests have expressed high satisfaction with the smoke-free environment, which has been a significant factor in their preference for Park MGM.
  • Market Differentiation: The non-smoking policy serves as a unique selling point, attracting a substantial segment of visitors who prefer smoke-free casinos.

Additional Information

  • Designated Smoking Areas: For guests who smoke, designated areas are available outside the main buildings, including the Ride Share Zone and Central Park Terrace.
  • Penalties for Non-Compliance: A cleaning fee of up to $500 is charged for violations of the smoke-free policy, ensuring adherence and maintenance of the smoke-free environment.
  • Transportation Options: Park MGM is accessible via taxi and shuttle services from the airport, with fares ranging from $15 to $25, providing convenient options for arriving guests.

Park MGM’s commitment to a smoke-free environment not only aligns with health-conscious trends but also sets a new standard for other establishments on the Las Vegas Strip. We believe that if the experiment proves successful, other casinos will also emulate Park’s example.

Plaza Hotel & Casino

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Plaza, an innovative establishment, has recently enlarged its casino area, introducing a unique smoke-free section on Fremont Street. This expansion, covering an impressive 2,500 square feet, features 80 slot machines. The significant aspect to note is that the casino’s smoke-free area is separate from the section where smoking will continue to be permitted. There will be no smoke drifting into this area!

The recently established smoke-free section of the casino is known as the “Brian Christopher Slots” zone. In case you are not familiar, Brian Christopher is a well-known YouTuber who is passionate about slot machines and has actively advocated for casinos to prohibit indoor smoking. The Plaza will continue to permit smoking outside of the designated non-smoking casino area.

Harry Reid International Airport

Although it is not considered a casino, the airport provides a diverse selection of slot games throughout the premises in a smoke-free setting.

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If smokeless gambling is a priority for you, make sure to set aside some time at the start or end of your journey to play the slot machines before or after your flight. It is a well-known fact that the slot machines at airports are considered to be more restricted compared to those in the typical casinos of Las Vegas. While gambling at the airport may not be the most exciting choice, it does offer a smoke-free gaming environment.

Non-Smoking Sections Becoming More Common in Las Vegas Strip Casinos

If your aim is to avoid smoke, your options are limited to a non-smoking section. Some of the Las Vegas casinos that have implemented a non-smoking section on their casino floor include Mirage, Planet Hollywood, and MGM Grand. It is unfortunate that individuals who do not smoke and are looking for a smoke-free area often struggle to find the specific games they desire to play. Rather than parking in a designated non-smoking area, I suggest going to Park MGM where smoking is not permitted. Alternatively, you could maneuver around smokers in the casino instead of relying on a futile non-smoking section. The functionality of the system is inadequate.

“Reduced Smoke” Alternatives for Casinos in Las Vegas

While the majority of Las Vegas casinos permit smoking, there are also some alternatives that are not as heavily affected by smoke. One way we, as a team, locate these structures is by focusing on more recent ones, such as Circa which is situated on Fremont Street. Circa boasts an advanced HVAC system that circulates air upwards through various vents located throughout the casino floor and towards intake points on the ceiling. Upgraded casinos situated along the Strip such as Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, Bellagio, and Caesars Palace boast improved ventilation systems and a less smoke-filled atmosphere.

According to a recent study on air quality conducted by Wynd, it was found that Aria, Park MGM, and Wynn had the best indoor air quality, in that particular order. So, if you are looking for a less smoky environment, these three establishments would be the top choices. However, the study did not reveal the casinos with the poorest air quality.

Steer Clear of the Masses

In comparison, casinos that are less packed typically have less smoke present. The north end of the Strip is home to Fontainebleau, a newly built resort that is often found to be empty despite its brand new status. This also holds true for Downtown Grand, which is only a few steps away from Fremont Street in Downtown Las Vegas.In the end, if you choose to go to Park MGM, you will have to face some level of smoke while playing. In the future, there will be a ban on indoor smoking in Las Vegas casinos. However, until that time comes, it is important to be adaptable and innovative.

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