Reasons for Account Blockage in Online Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide

Reasons for Account Blockage in Online Casinos: A Comprehensive Guide
There’s nothing as bothersome as looking forward to playing casino games online or wanting to bet on your favorite team only to be presented with an account-blocked alert.
On some casino sites, you will only realize you have a ban from the casino when a pop-up appears after clicking on a game. On others, the alert is displayed immediately after logging in. What causes this frustrating occurrence? Nothing can prevent casinos from banning players unless it is their error.

In this article, we will look into some of the reasons that might cause the blockage of your account, how to know you are banned from casinos, and how to avoid it when you want to play casino games online.

Why Might Online Casinos Block Your Account?

When casinos are safeguarding themselves from fraudsters, bots, and hackers, they may run a series of counter-checks that might lead to blocking some of their players’ accounts.

While this might be a rare occurrence, the possibility of you being locked out of your account and your funds being withheld by casinos is entirely possible.

When you try to log in, esteemed casinos notify you immediately that your casino account has been banned. Sometimes, you might receive an email or notification via the signed-in contacts before you try logging in. Blocking of casino accounts may vary for multiple reasons. Some typical reasons that can get you banned include:

  • Verification problems
  • Prohibited site log-in
  • Use of VPN to log into multiple casinos
  • Winning too much money
  • Multiple account sign-in
  • Casino’s bonus abuse
  • Violation of casino policies
  • Self-exclusion from casinos

Common Reasons to Get Banned from Casino Games

Some instances allow you to regain your casino account easily after being banned. In other unfortunate events, you can no longer access your account because it is permanently banned or disabled. Here are some of the reasons that may contribute to the casino ban.

Multiple Online Casino Accounts

Most online platforms follow a common and stringent regulation: one account for every player. You might think, how would they know, right? Casinos track down multiple accounts using their IP address, and a violation against that can lead you to get banned.

You may be prompted to use a different username and account credentials to increase your potential of winning when you play different games. But this might put your account at risk of being banned and your bankroll being locked because your registered casino account IP would still be visible.

Other times, you may create multiple accounts unintentionally. For example, you might completely forget your casino account login details and decide to create a new one.

Instead of this, you can always try to see if any conventional methods might allow you to recover your forgotten password.

Further, your account might also be at risk of being banned if you are surrounded by betting enthusiasts in your household. When more than one member logs in to the same casino in the same IP address to play any slot machine, it might lead to a ban.

VPN Usage When Logging in an Online Casino

Reasons for Account Blockage in Online Casinos - Common Reasons to Get Banned Sometimes, you might find yourself in a position where you can’t access your favorite casino due to geographic limitations. VPNs are a great way to avoid that.

However, it’s essential to know that using VPNs to log into your casino account might come with its fair share of consequences.

If you want to use a VPN to access blocked content or increase your privacy while betting, selecting one with a heavy track record for security and privacy is an excellent way to avoid being banned because of a VPN.

Some of the features to look out for when in search of a reliable VPN to avoid casino bans include the following:

  • A kill switch
  • Reliable encryption
  • No-logs privacy
  • Anonymous DNS servers
  • Geo-Restriction bypass

In addition, search for a VPN service with a large user network for a wider location option as well as performance.

Verification Process

A verification process is the typical procedure of confirming the identity and age of players of a particular online casino, which is similar to physical casinos.

It usually involves a series of check-ups, including checking for ID documentation and verifying their databases.

This is an essential procedure for all online casinos. That’s obvious considering a lot of money is at stake. It’s fair a casino wants to be sure that the participant is who they say they are.

Furthermore, no company would want to go down a series of legal encounters with law enforcement due to instances such as identity theft or underage gambling.

This helps online casinos curb illegal activities such as money laundering and fraud, hence protecting their parent company and other players.

So, if any information in your account does not pass the verification process, your account will automatically be banned. Ensure you provide the right information when passing through the verification procedure after registration.

Bonus Abuse on Multiple Casinos

Bonus abuse is another very common reason that may lead to your casino account being banned. Signing up for an online casino account usually gives you access to certain welcome bonuses, such as free spins or deposit match bonuses.

However, going back to the example of our first point on the creation of multiple accounts, you might be prompted to do that to take advantage of these promotions and chances of winning.

If you are caught doing that, your account will, without a doubt, be permanently banned. Some sites offer certain extra bonuses to a single person with the same IP address or household. So, it’s only fair to play by the rules to avoid getting banned.

Casino Payment Issues

Any online casino under the New Jersey License is expected to comply with the necessary terms and conditions that regulate the occurrence of money laundering activities.

This is really important since online poker and casinos are notoriously known for having criminal organizations launder dirty money.

Payment issues occur when suspiciously high amounts of money are transacted on the site. Some operators are required to report such activities right after the blockage of the account.

Other than suspicions of criminal activities, another payment issue that may lead to your account being banned immediately is using prohibited payment methods.

Your financial information is protected when you make payments and withdraw winnings using a secure payment method. To protect your transactions and personal information, only use online casinos that use cutting-edge security methods like SSL encryption.

Using secure payment methods lowers the possibility that someone may obtain unauthorized access to your accounts and use them for fraud, giving you peace of mind.

Lastly, there are instances where players from banned or restricted areas are caught betting on various sites through the bank details provided during payment. Avoid account blockades and possible legal issues by having a straightforward payment procedure.

Additional Reasons for Casino Ban

Underage Players Participating in Casinos

According to New Jersey legislation, a person can legally bet in online and physical casinos only if they are 21 years and above. This also includes buying lottery products or gambling activities in clubs and hotels.

This is why, as we’ve seen, casino operators take you through a series of verifications to ensure you are of the right legal age to participate.

Due to this strictness, if your online casino account identifies a slight chance of possible underage gambling, it goes against the casino’s rules. Casinos ban such accounts automatically.

This is necessary since underage gambling might lead to a long road of legal issues that might put the site at risk of sanctions, among other terrible consequences preventing casinos from operating successfully.

Suspicious Activity From Winning Too Much

Another possible reason why casinos ban players is if you continuously generate suspiciously high amounts of winning or breaking rules via tactics such as card counting.

This is necessary since online casinos must maintain a fair amount of profits and winnings they pay out. After all, it’s a game and a business like any other.

However, there is a difference between a progressive jackpot and winning too much or keeping a winning streak.

Let us take an example of land-based casinos where the pit boss can limit or completely restrict players from playing if they suspect suspicious activities like card counting, which usually leads to winning too much.

Counting cards is a move a player uses when playing blackjack games to gain an unfair advantage and overcome the game. You can discover the trick and master online card counting. Note that we are entertaining that thought despite the fact that it is almost certainly impossible.

Well, good for you, but be prepared for intense scrutiny—just like in a Las Vegas casino. One instance that is very common in identifying cheating tactics in online casinos is when playing blackjack live. The card counting pattern might tip off the site in case any cheating occurs.

All online casinos are connected to sophisticated software that can instantly identify anyone acting dodgy. Just like slot machines, virtual blackjack games are completely random. So, it is almost impossible to count cards since they use Random Number Generators (RNG software) to determine cards and symbols that will be displayed on the screen.

Casinos Self-exclusion Requests

Sometimes, you may want to take a different direction due to a developed gambling problem brought about by playing games. This is very much okay, and casinos understand this.

If you are looking to quit casino gambling, maybe take a break, or cut down on time spent on casinos, then self-exclusion is necessary.

This is an absolutely free procedure, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is choose the website you want to be banned from, and you’ll never be able to play any game in that casino again.

In order to receive a casino ban, all that is required is a simple phone call to the betting provider to ask to get banned.

After banning yourself from your account, it will automatically be terminated, restricting your access to it. This might also be a temporary decision. A casino ban can take as long as you want it to, from a couple of weeks to a permanent ban.

Reliable legal casino sites allow you to withdraw any remaining balance in the account before blocking it. However, you will not be able to re-open the online casino account.

Use of Prohibited Casino Software

The use of prohibited casino software can have serious consequences for players, most notably the banning of their accounts. Casinos have rules in place to ensure fairness and integrity in gaming.

Prohibited software often refers to programs that give players an unfair advantage, such as those that can predict outcomes, automate bets, or even cheat the system. These tools are typically against casino terms of service because they disrupt the equitable nature of the games and can compromise the casino’s profitability.

People might resort to such software for various reasons. Some hope to increase their chances of winning, believing that the software will give them an edge over the house or other players. Others might be looking to recover losses and see these tools as a potential solution. There’s also a subset of users who enjoy the thrill of trying to outsmart the system, even if it’s against the rules.

It’s essential to understand that casinos invest heavily in security and surveillance systems, especially in the digital realm. They can often detect unusual patterns or behaviors associated with prohibited software. When caught, players not only risk having their accounts banned but also face potential legal consequences and forfeiture of winnings. If you are trying to cheat an online or physical casino, chances are high that you will be caught.

Violating Responsible Gambling Rules

Responsible gaming is the set of casino policies and rules that ensure a safer gambling environment for users.

Online and land-based casinos alike often hold these rules in coordination with government laws to help curb gambling-related harm, such as gambling addiction.

Software suppliers, operators, and service providers for casinos keep up with the principles of responsible gambling, and over time, codes of conduct have been updated to ensure casino security.

The code of conduct is usually developed by non-profit organizations, numerous regulators, a gambling commission, and trade associations.

Just like any other organization, casino etiquette is necessary. Violating any of the rules around this casino etiquette as a player will automatically lead to a ban from your online casino account.

So, please ensure you take time to understand the terms and conditions of an online casino before signing up. Reasons for Account Blockage in Online Casinos - Conclusion


While it is not so often you hear of instances where casinos ban players, sometimes they find it necessary to limit or suspend a player’s account.

This restricts or limits you as the player to place bets or play in various casino games.

In worst-case scenarios, your casino account can be permanently banned. This can be pretty confusing and very frustrating, especially if you are sure you are not at fault.

But it’s important to understand that online betting and poker casinos are just trying to protect themselves against fraud and bots that mimic human actions.

So even if you unknowingly went against the casino’s rules and regulations, this does not prevent you from receiving a ban from them. As with any organization, you are required to follow all the rules and regulations in order to avoid casino bans.

You are usually informed via notifications such as email or SMS. In other cases, you’ll only notice you are banned after trying to log in.

However, in as much as preventive procedures are usually applied automatically, a casino account can sometimes be banned without a valid reason. While it is legal for casinos to limit or ban patrons, sometimes it’s an error on their side.

It is not always the customer’s fault. In such scenarios, resolving the issue becomes faster than when it is your fault. So the big question is, how do you prevent casinos from blocking your account? The easy answer is to do the exact opposite of the highlighted negative reasons in this article.

So, a key takeaway today is, do not panic once you’ve realized your account has been banned. Instead, try and assess the situation as you evaluate whether all the rules of winning have been followed, all legal regulations have been adhered to, and you have not created any unfair advantage during your betting endeavors.

If you are sure that it’s not your fault, all you must do is contact customer support on the casino’s website. This way, they’ll be able to clarify the issues and guide you on the way to playing your favorite games.

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