Editorial Guidelines

At LuckyGambler.com, our writing, advice, and reviews are guided by specific editorial standards and guidelines.

The Purpose

We adhere to these guidelines to guarantee that the information we provide will enhance your gaming experience. Whether it’s about a specific casino, game type, software vendor, game strategy, banking option, instruction guide, promotional offer, or any other topic — our primary goal is to assist you in becoming a more informed player.

Our mission is to empower you, the players, to make well-informed decisions regarding your gambling choices. We update and introduce content based on feedback from users, current market dynamics, thorough research, legislative changes, and visitor analytics, among other considerations.

These guidelines are in place to maintain the highest quality of content and to ensure our editorial decisions remain uninfluenced by commercial interests. Our editorial direction will always be separate from the company’s business goals. You’ll also appreciate the absence of annoying pop-ups and advertising sidebars on our site. We strictly do not allow third-party advertisements, guaranteeing our content remains free from external commercial biases.

Our Editorial Team

Our team is exclusively composed of experts. Boasting skilled researchers and specialists in their respective fields, each member brings a wealth of experience from the gaming industry. Their shared passion is to ensure fellow players gain valuable insights from the content they craft.

Our Editorial Code

We Offer Unbiased Reviews and Advice

Our team maintains an independent stance and has no affiliations with the casinos or online betting platforms we review. Should any potential conflicts of interest emerge, it’s mandatory to report them to our Editor-in-Chief immediately, ensuring our reviews are consistently objective.

This principle of impartiality also applies when providing guidance or advice. While individuals might naturally gravitate towards specific games or payment methods, our goal is to offer you wholly unbiased information, enabling you to make well-informed choices.

On the Lucky Gambler website, you’ll observe links offering bonuses for US gamblers when they register for online casino and poker accounts through our legitimate and regulated partners. We collaborate with these operators to secure the most attractive welcome bonuses for our readers. As part of partnership agreements, Lucky Gambler may earn a referral bonus when our readers or users transition to these partnered online casinos, sportsbooks, or poker sites. However, it’s crucial to note that we hold no ownership in any sports betting or casino entities. All editorial decisions and content on Lucky Gambler remain under our direct purview.

Please be assured, Lucky Gambler strictly associates with regulated operators and refrains from endorsing or acknowledging unregulated or offshore entities. This means any casino or sportsbook we discuss or endorse operates within the bounds of the law.

We’re Driven by Data

Our content, encompassing reviews, game guides, and other information, is anchored in data-driven research. Accuracy is paramount for us. Any analytical perspective put forth must reflect the unbiased expertise of our specialists. At the heart of our content lies an unwavering commitment to factual precision and data integrity.

Before endorsing a casino, game, or service to our audience, it undergoes rigorous scrutiny involving multiple team members. This meticulous approach to research and accuracy underscores our primary objective: prioritizing the needs and interests of our players.

We Admit and Fix Inaccuracies

Despite our diligent research and extensive experience, we acknowledge that errors can occasionally slip through the cracks. As part of our editorial commitment, our team has unanimously agreed that any reported errors will undergo a thorough review and be promptly corrected as needed.

If there are inaccuracies in our information or if any hint of subjectivity creeps into our writing, LuckyGambler.com is committed to addressing these issues swiftly. Your feedback is invaluable, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you spot any discrepancies.

That being said, we understand that, from time to time, errors or oversights may occur. Rest assured, we have a well-established system in place to promptly rectify and update any inaccuracies.

In situations where significant changes are made to an article, we will include an editor’s note at the top of the piece, providing a clear explanation for the modifications. Alternatively, some articles may undergo revisions to deliver fresh and crucial information to our readers. In such cases, a special note with a comprehensive explanation will accompany the updated content.

We Ensure Clarity

Every piece of content is crafted to be pertinent, current, and comprehensible to ensure it adds value for every player. We prioritize translating intricate information into a format that is easily accessible and beneficial for you. Each piece of content undergoes a rigorous process of writing, peer review, and refinement to ensure absolute clarity. Should you encounter any inconsistencies, ambiguities, or gaps in the content, we encourage you to reach out, enabling our team to offer immediate clarification.