Survive in the Zombie Apocalypse: Top 10 Casinos Where You Can Take Shelter

Survive in the Zombie Apocalypse: Top 10 Casinos Where You Can Take Shelter
In an extensive analysis spanning over 190 casinos across the United States, we have curated a list of the top 9 establishments that we believe are the most suited for survival in the event of a zombie apocalypse. It’s important to note that in the event of an emergency, it would be advisable to seek refuge in the nearest casino from our list, rather than attempting to reach those we have identified as the most suitable. This approach ensures that you can quickly find safety in a well-prepared environment, enhancing your chances of survival in such a critical scenario.

Top 10 Zombie-Proof Casinos

  1. The Greenbrier Resort – Former government bunker;
  2. The Venetian – Adaptable space;
  3. Borgata Hotel & Casino Resort – High-tech, independent electrical plant;
  4. Foxwoods Resort & Casino – Remote location;
  5. MGM Grand – Multiple, but manageable entrances;
  6. Harrah’s Resort – Potential water escape route;
  7. Caesars Palace – Proximity to medical facilities;
  8. Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Fortified structure;
  9. Wynn Resort – Large room capacity;
  10. The Bellagio – Strong overall defense.

During a zombie apocalypse, for survival, you need your kit to contain a mixture of material necessities and personal skills, such as LED flashlights, batteries, snacks, basic combat training, and first aid application. In a zombie apocalypse, you must be able to establish lookouts and guard rotation and take advantage of drones, radios, and satellite phones to anticipate and prevent potential attacks.

If the virus breakout happens, natural refuge points will be prepper communities, home shelters, hospitals, and military bases. However, you should consider casinos as natural shelters as well, just like the US government has. Some resorts used to host bunkers and supplies in the event of a nuclear crisis.

Most casinos are fortresses with reinforced walls, minimal entry points, and no windows on the first floors.

Besides being well-fortified, casinos have food, water, first aid kits, and essential equipment like defibrillators. As such, casinos can be suitable for the long-term survival of entire communities. Scroll down to find the top 10 zombie-proof casinos in the US. We list key fortification points, the nearest hospitals, military bases, and our selection criteria.

Our Criteria for Selecting Zombie-Proof Casinos

In a zombie apocalypse, you won’t go to a casino for money. We analyzed 175+ land casinos across the States to find the most suitable zombie-proof casinos and data on the nearest military bases for weapons support. We considered important criteria like fortifications, proximity to hospitals, ease of evacuation, ease of access, location, and the availability of essential supplies for survival.

Fortified Structure Fortified Structure

The structure integrity and fortifications are the first things we analyze. The main buildings should be properly reinforced and capable of withholding hostile attacks. This means thick walls and, if possible, metal doors and windows.

Casinos don’t have windows on the first floor, which means that you need to have access to higher vantage points to establish lookouts. Eyes open at all times will be the greatest boon to surviving. The resorts should have minimal entry points to facilitate practical guard duty and enable easy installation of barricades.

Isolation Isolation from the Danger of Zombie Outbreak

An ideal casino should be remote, since less populated areas with fewer people will make it hard for the deadly virus to reach you, at least in its immediate aftermath.

However, remote sites are more difficult to supply in the long run. Hospitals and military bases are farther away, and going in and out for necessities can be a challenging task – only getting harder over time. Then again, casinos in urban areas must be properly isolated through secure entry points, all-around thick fortifications, and offer a good view of the surroundings.

Provisions Provisions of Own Food, Aid Supplies, and Resources

A casino that is packed with food, water, and medical equipment is automatically an ideal pick, at least for short-term survival. All high-end casinos are designed to accommodate thousands of people, meaning that food and drinks will be plentiful in the immediate fallout of the apocalyptic virus.

The restaurants are natural shelters of food and drink, but medical reserves such as first aid kits should be available across all main facilities.

Besides consumables and medicine, casino resorts that have autonomous power systems, generators, and solar panels are preferable. Any facility that can operate using electricity in an outbreak will give you command over advanced security systems crucial to survival. What’s more, you’ll be able to take advantage of surveillance cameras to prevent hostile enemy attacks and facilitate scouting.

Defensive Defensive Systems

Defensive systems that are part of the security layout of any casino will be essential to your long-term survival. Accessing cameras and video surveillance recordings will help you identify and nullify potential threats and weak points, as soon as possible. If available, make sure to have a surveillance person 24/7. The same goes for guard duty since casinos don’t have weaponized defensive systems unless you install them yourself.

Alarm systems at crucial entry points can also be helpful, but having manned posts at these points is still essential. An alarm can be a timely alert, but it won’t change much if a horde swarms the insides of your building.

Evacuation Evacuation Capability

It’s essential that you have the ability to evacuate fast in case the facilities become unlivable. This is why we prioritized casinos with quick escape options that can be arranged by vehicle transport. Make sure to stock up on gas way beyond your immediate needs. As time goes on, this commodity will become scarcer because of halted production.

If a casino is located in a remote area, escape is possible, but nearby shelters can be scarce. In a populated area, many potential avenues can provide temporary or even permanent shelter. We analyzed proximity to the safest places such as hospitals, authority buildings, and entertainment centers. Some casinos are located close to the water, which enables a quick getaway by boat or even swimming.

Survivor Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Community

You will have the highest chance of survival as part of a survival community, preferably with fellow preppers who possess similar survival capabilities. The more people around you, the more secure everyone can feel. You should investigate fortified and survival-ready casinos but also look for groupings and organizations related to survival that are geographically close to the facility.

In an efficient community, you can establish practical guard rotations, ensuring everyone is alert by getting enough sleep. A community means safer supply runs, more manpower in case of an attack, and quicker dismantling of threats by assigning different combat roles to individuals.

All efforts involving survivors’ collaboration will greatly increase your chance of making it out alive. Being alone draws less noise, which can be an advantage for short trips, but ideally, you should be part of a diverse community.

Unique-Features Unique Features of the Place

We looked at casinos with unique, uncommon features that will enhance your survival capabilities. We were able to identify casinos housing bunkers, underground tunnels, fresh supply of water, and individual, self-powered electrical systems. Not all casinos can boast such advanced features, but those that do are our strongest recommendations if you are able to make it there in time.

Zombie-Preparedness Long-Term Sustainability & Zombie Preparedness

Long-term sustainability is essential since short-term survival is possible practically anywhere as long as your personal survival kit is well-stocked. The casinos we chose can facilitate long-term living thanks to adequate, ample housing in reinforced buildings or houses. We made sure you will have the capability of establishing proper refuge from rough weather and eventual attacks.

Protection Protection from Infection

All casinos are stocked with disinfectants and similar hygienic products, which can be a great defense in preventing the virus. Because casinos have no windows, advanced air filtration systems will prove extremely handy, ensuring the air stays as clean as possible during your stay.

Psychological Psychological Well-Being

The psychological well-being of all survivors should not be neglected in the long run. While survival, food, water, and medical stock are essential, it’s unlikely you’ll be fighting zombies every day. This is why having numerous and diverse entertainment options is paramount to ensure stress is kept to a minimum and morale is high.

While it’s not a given that electronics will work, casinos are entertainment centers, after all. Suppose a living dead horde decides to have a power snack on your local electric grid. In that case, you can still enjoy electricity-free entertainment by playing poker, blackjack, and dice, for example.

Infrastructure Presence of Important Infrastructure

The presence of important infrastructure is crucial because you need different types of supplies on a consistent basis. Casinos are self-sustaining, but you will need to go on supply runs for medicine in nearby hospitals and pharmacies. Having a military base close by can be a game changer as well, which can either offer protection or additional combat tools for your survival.

The casinos we feature have easily reachable paths to hospitals and different key facilities, even those that are removed from major cities.

The Greenbrier Resort – White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

Constructed in 1913, The Greenbrier Estate is home to a casino, a former government bunker known as “The Bunker”, one main entrance, and housing options that can hold entire families. In a way, it’s a small city. The West Virginia Wing, originally designed in the late 1800s, is standing on top of The Bunker.

Now decommissioned by the US government, the Bunker can still be used as a fortified refuge in a zombie apocalypse. However, as the Bunker is now used for touring purposes, it’s no longer stocked with survival meals, drinks, or medicine meaning you’d have to rely on your own supplies to survive.

The Copeland Hill cottages, adjacent to the West Virginia Wing, are four-bedroom properties. There are over a dozen structures here, providing ample living space. The cottages can be fortified, and they’re one of the furthest structures from the entrance. Bunker hallway Source: The Greenbrier Resort

Besides the cottages, the Greenbrier Estate is littered with estate houses and guest houses that can be converted into living spaces or med bays. Some of them have been built for landowners and political figures, and they provide solid defensive potential. On top of that, you can take advantage of the basement and tunnels across the estate to provide emergency entrances and exits that may save your life. Though, make sure to barricade the estate’s secondary exits to prevent potential infiltrators.

The casino is a multi-story building with one entrance, numerous halls, and the Greenbrier Clinic – home to essential medical reserves and equipment. If the situation is calm, the Greenbrier lets you enjoy tennis, course racing, and swimming, among different entertainment options. You can rely on the Greenbrier’s autonomous electricity system for extended electrical use.

In case of emergency, a medical supply run can be organized to the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center, which is located 11.1 miles from the resort. For additional stock of water, medicine, and weapons, you must head to the Camp Dawson Army National Guard Base. The base is surrounded by thick forests but it’s more than 100 miles out, so this trip will be a true test of your zombie preparedness and survival capabilities.

Make sure to stock up on gas since Camp Dawson is reachable by highway, assuming it’s not obstructed. In the case of a highway obstruction, your emergency kit will be essential in navigating the lush forests around Camp Dawson.

There is an army reserve center closer to the Greenbrier. In 10 miles, you can reach Lewisburg in West Virginia. But the protection of the center is doubtful.

The Venetian – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Venetian Casino

The Venetian is one of the most popular and highly secure casinos in Vegas, and accessing the resort should not be an issue because of its convenient location. The Venetian has one main entrance, which can be used to set up a lookout to prevent potential enemy attacks in order to survive.

In the heart of the resort, you’ll find the Venetian Palazzo, which holds 3,000+ suites with different layouts. As such, housing and security should not be an issue even against hordes of zombies. In case of hostile activity on the bottom floor, the upper suites may provide temporary refuge and security.

The Venetian’s height advantage provides a unique vantage point, the ability to pick off threats from the long-range and misdirect threatening hordes. The resort doesn’t have an on-site hospital or emergency room, but the Venetian Expo can be turned into an emergency hospital.

venetian floor planne Source: The Venetian

For combat weaponry, tools, defensive gear, and additional necessities, the Nellis Air Force Base, situated northeast of Las Vegas (13 miles from the Venetian), can be a godsend. The base is reachable by highway alone, and we recommend reaching it by car if possible. Bring your own food, since the deadly apocalypse might have overrun key infrastructure at that point.

Thanks to its dozens of restaurants, you’ll find a healthy stock of basic necessities. Though, one issue might be the Venetian’s proximity to numerous Vegas hotspots. In a deadly virus apocalypse, the place may be easily overrun if security measures aren’t instilled fast enough. This is where your survival prep kit might come in especially useful.

One upside of the Venetian’s convenient location is its proximity to medical facilities. You will find four hospitals within half a mile of the hotel-casino resort: Valley Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital & Medical Center, and the Kindred Hospital. All of them are about 15 minutes drive. These should provide sufficient medical reserves, and the facilities can also be used as temporary shelters.

Borgata Hotel & Casino Resort – Atlantic City

Borgata Hotel Casino Resort

Located at Renaissance Point, the Borgata Casino-Hotel is the heart of Atlantic City on the east coast. This concrete-reinforced resort is a multi-layered, complex structure with an adjacent hotel tower (MGM Tower) that can hold up to 3,000 people. The casino has one main entrance and a valet entrance for parking. Both can be fortified and secured, and the main entrance is ideal for guard duty and staving off potential threats.

The MGM Tower’s high vantage point is great for scouting, preventing potential attacks, and handling threats from a distance. This casino resort is wired to its own, high-tech electrical plant. It provides smooth electrical operation across the casino, spa, hotel, and various amenities. This power plant can be life or death in an emergency, as it will let you assume control of the various security features & installations.

bogata casino floor plane Source: Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

The multi-storied MGM Tower only has two entrances, one of which is located inside the casino. The other is a simple valet entrance with a metal door, so securing this mini-fortress should not be an issue. Even if the parking is overrun, the parking exit that leads to the building can be easily barricaded.

In need of medicine, antibiotics, and first aid kits, you have multiple hospitals to rely on, all within a mile of the resort: The AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (3 miles) and the Shore Medical Center (18 miles). There’s also a nearby veterinary hospital (Absecon Veterinary Hospital – 7 miles from Borgata) with a unique set of medicinal equipment and consumables that will come in useful for pets and humans alike.

However, surviving the zombie outbreak will require weapons. The McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military base is 66 miles out, in Burlington County, NJ. The base will be a challenge to reach safely, so stock up on petrol but don’t forget your personal essentials, since the trip may require a pit-stop or two for temporary refuge.

Foxwoods Resort & Casino – Mashantucket, Connecticut

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Far from any major city and around 80 miles out of Boston, the Foxwoods Resort is a secure mini-city, laid across a staggering 9,000,000 square feet of land in the middle of nowhere. The resort has six casinos and two hotel towers (the Grand Pequot and the Fox Tower) that can accommodate over 2,000 people in the scary defense against the walking dead.

The casino must be accessed through the highway, and it has one main entrance. Due to its massive size, you will need to fortify and barricade several weak points, depending on where you’re sheltered. Nonetheless, Foxwoods’ remoteness and security make it an ideal safe haven against zombies.

Pack enough petrol in your immediate survival prep kit, as you will likely need to make multiple trips in and out of the resort in search of medical necessities. You will find dozens of first-aid kits on-site, but the resort doesn’t have a medical facility. Instead, you can construct a makeshift hospital at one of the resort’s halls or conference rooms, ideally the Premier Ballroom at the Fox Tower, or the Great Cedar Showroom at the Grand Pequot.

foxwoods casino floor plan Source: Foxwoods Resort Casino

For medical supply runs, you can plan a trip to the William W. Backus Hospital, situated about 9 miles from the Foxwoods Resort. However, if your plan coincides with reaching the shore, the Westerly Hospital is only 12 miles out, conveniently situated on Route 78, right above the coastal city of Weekapaug.

The coastline is also home to the Naval Submarine Base – New London, 15 miles away from Foxwoods. There, you’ll find running water and weaponry that will greatly ease your emergency situation. If the base is not compromised, you can establish a temporary refuge point as well.

MGM Grand – Las Vegas, Nevada

MGM Grand

The MGM Grand is one of the world’s toughest casinos, and a fortified Las Vegas trademark, adjacent to numerous buildings in the heart of the Strip. Its location is ideal and easily accessible, though it’s best to arrive early and secure the place before hordes swarm the surrounding buildings or the MGM Grand itself.

The resort has a couple of main entrances, though everything should prove easy to barricade. However, considering the resort’s sheer size, this will take some effort. It’s best to barricade here with a community, as a lone wolf is unlikely to find safe refuge and rest easy, knowing a zombie invasion could have the walking dead lurking from every corner. On the flip side, a large community can thrive here, considering the MGM Grand holds 6,000+ people.

mgm grand floor plan Source: MGM Grand

The MGM Grand uses an autonomous power system and packs an impressive security system that can lock every vital entry point on demand. The hotel’s excellent vantage point is useful for scouting and staving off attacks, whereas its 20+ restaurants can temporarily feed a large mass of people.

When you need weapons for emergencies, a trip to Nellis Air Force Base will be required. The base is 15 miles away from the MGM, but the surrounding population density and the harsh desert may pose a challenge.

You can find crucial medicine such as antibiotics within a mile at the Quick Fix Urgent Care (at a 2.4-mile distance). A more well-stocked hospital is about 4 miles away at the Sunrise Medical Center. With proper tools and medicine, the resort’s Marquee Ballroom or Conference Center can be turned into a makeshift hospital if needed.

Harrah’s Resort – Atlantic City

Harrahs Resort

Harrah’s is located in the Marina District, away from Atlantic City’s center. The resort covers 175,000 square feet and can house 2,500 people across its five towers: Waterfront Tower, The Bayview Tower, Coastal Tower, Atrium Tower, and Laguna Tower.

Sheltering options are plenty, but Harrah’s Resort has multiple entrances that must be well-barricaded: main entrance, boardwalk, and parking. The resort’s security relies on surveillance cameras and security staff, which may be rendered irrelevant in a zombie apocalypse.

Harrah’s Resort holds many advantages. You can seek refuge at any residential tower or in the casino lobby, located to the right as you enter the building. However, the casino building is best utilized on the 3rd floor, where the numerous conference halls can be used for various means.

harrahs resort floor plan Source: Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City

Pack enough petrol or grab the essentials in your zombie prep kit for a long-distance walk if you have a medical supply shortage. The nearest hospital to Harrah’s is at the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, about 12 miles from the resort.

If you suspect the resort might be overrun, a convenient getaway by water, thanks to the adjacent marina, is possible. You can find temporary sheltering, fighting gear, and weapons at the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst military base, which is 66 miles from the resort.

Caesars Palace – Las Vegas, Nevada

Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace is a 3,960-room reinforced stronghold with high walls. It can hold over 4,000 people at a time, making it an ideal defensive casino with all the basic necessities required to survive the rough post-apocalyptic earth. The resort doesn’t have medical assistance on-site besides basic first aid supplies. Still, you’ll find two hospitals within a two-mile radius, the Sunrise Children’s Hospital (3 miles) and the Elite Medical Center (1.2 miles), so supply runs can be accomplished even on foot.

A more challenging task will be reaching the Nellis Air Force Base. The base is at an approximate 14-mile distance from Caesars, and it’s only reachable by highway or desert. Be ready to deal with hostilities from zombies, the harsh desert sun, and even humans. Make sure to stock up on petrol for a two-way trip, and enough water to prevent dehydration.

Caesars features numerous entrances: main, parking, and valet. The outdoor area surrounding the entrances is vast, but the entrances themselves should prove easy to barricade. Moreover, the hotel’s high-rise buildings can be excellent for scouting and preventing attacks. Be careful when you fire weapons, since the sound may draw the concentrated masses from nearby Vegas hotspots.

Inside, you will find refuge and safe points within the hotel rooms across the Octavius, Augustus, Julius, Forum, Nobu, and Palace Towers. Survival reserves will be ample in the immediate future following an outbreak, but they may dwindle soon, considering the on-site restaurants are unlikely to have stockpiles for months.

Caesars Palace floor plan Source: Caesars Palace

The casino area is an open space that runs across the entire ground, so it’s unsuitable for housing, considering threats can lurk from every corner. However, shelters and makeshift hospitals can be established at the Colosseum, which offers an excellent scouting, waiting, and meetup point. As an alternative, you can also transform Caesar’s massive, multi-purpose Conference Hall.

Caesar’s Palace can be a true fortress for long-term survival, but survival will ultimately hinge on your preparedness and skills needed. The resort is in a Vegas hotspot with tens of thousands of people at any given time of day, so you must be prepared for immediate resistance and potential danger from zombies and ill-meaning people as well.

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Atlantic City, New Jersey

Hard Rock Hotel Casino

The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is a towering fortress with one entry point from the main hotel lobby and an immediate exit that places you on the iconic Atlantic City Boardwalk and surrounding area. The proximity to water makes the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino ideal for a quick getaway if the situation gets worse over time.

The nearest hospital is the AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center, 5 minutes away. Pack enough gas on a medical supply run and ensure you know your way around. This is where a physical map can be a godsend if you’re not familiar with the city. You’ll need to endure a tougher trip in search of weapons, as the McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst joint military base is 68 miles out of the casino. However, a healthy supply of weapons will be instrumental in surviving the long term as a post-apocalyptic society.

The Hard Rock resort is in the heart of an urban area near the Boardwalk, meaning you can encounter immediate trouble from zombies in a quickly escalating outbreak. The resort’s South Tower and North Tower are natural housing points, but refuge can be established in the casino area and its adjacent lounges.

hardrock casino floor plan Source: Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City

Ideally, you would be sheltered on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which house numerous ballrooms, a salon, and a fitness center. These buildings can be repurposed for different needs, including a makeshift hospital to assist disease control.

Though the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino can seem somewhat exposed, the entire resort is protected by concrete, reinforced walls that will be almost impossible to break through. Assuming enough vantage points are maintained, and guard rotations are on point, this resort can be your safe haven for a long time.

Wynn Resort – Las Vegas, Nevada

Wynn Resort Casino

The Wynn Resort is a Vegas hotspot adjacent to the world-renowned Las Vegas Boulevard known as the Strip. Accessing the casino should be easy, for the living and the dead alike. Ensure fortifications and barricades are placed fast and plenty across the grounds, and the Wynn will be a perfect place to create a lasting haven.

The casino has several primary entry points, including the main gate, south gate, valet parking, and self-parking. It’s paramount to identify and barricade all weak points and set up guard posts at each entrance. The Wynn resort is also home to the Encore Casino & Hotel, which is north of the Wynn Casino, but located on the same ground adjacent to the Wynn.

wyn casino resort floor plan Source: Wynn Las Vegas

Overall, you will have 2,700 rooms at your disposal in the towers. Housing and fortification can be set up on the casino grounds if needed. You’ll find the XS Nightclub and Awakening Theater past the casino, which can be repurposed for various needs. On the opposite side of the resort, you’ll find the Lafite and Latour ballrooms. On the 2nd floor, there is more shelter potential in the Cristal Ballroom.

There is no medical clinic on-site, but numerous hospitals are nearby. You can plan a supply run for medical necessities to:

  • the Valley Hospital Medical Center (4.2 miles out);
  • the Sunrise Hospital (at a 2.5-mile distance);
  • CareNow Urgent Care – Tropicana & Jones (5 miles away);
  • Intermountain Healthcare WynnInstaCare Clinic, within a 3-mile radius.

The nearest military base to The Wynn Resort is Nellis Air Force Base, located 14.5 miles northwest of the casino.

The Bellagio – Las Vegas, Nevada

The Bellagio Casino

The Bellagio Casino is an iconic Vegas structure that can easily serve as one of the best casinos against zombies in the US. It’s also the closest casino to the Nellis Air Force Base (14 miles out), which means acquiring weapons, and additional canned goods should prove fairly easy. The building itself is extremely secure with reinforced concrete walls, and even though the resort has multiple access points, the casino building will prove impenetrable if properly guarded.

Ideally, you’d secure the north and south main entrances, as well as the west-side parking entrance.

The casino area is located right after the south entrance and spans all the way north. Considering there are no windows to scout potential threats, you’d need to establish lookouts overlooking the Fountains of Bellagio through the Lago, Cirque, Yellowtail, or any adjacent amenities.

Bellagio Casino floor plan Source: Bellagio

The Bellagio Ballroom and Grand Ballroom on the resort’s west side are natural shelter points. They can be used as makeshift hospitals or for temporary housing for your society. The Towers are convenient for long-term housing, but you will always want people on the first floor to act in case of immediate threats.

If you are in need of medicinal gear, head over to the Elite Medical Center, which is only 0.8 miles away. You can find alternatives within a 3-5-mile radius at the Kindred Hospital, Sunrise Children’s Hospital, and Valley Medical Center.

The Importance of Preparation – Follow These Survival Tips!

A well-fortified location will make all the difference in the world. No matter where you are, or how safe and reinforced your casino is, survival in the zombie apocalypse will always hinge on your personal preparation against the disease. You must have the basic combat, communication, and coordination skills, as well as the materials necessary for traversing the dangerous world of a zombie apocalypse.

Make sure to follow these top tips to maximize your chances of survival.

Stock up!

Be ready beforehand with enough reserves that will last you up to three months. Make sure to cover the basics: canned food, water, medicine, clothes, and weapons of your choice. Beyond that, you should have a flashlight, spare batteries, physical maps, and portable cooking equipment.

Hone Your Skills

Hone your combat and survival skills. You will be greatly served by practicing martial arts and handling various weaponry that can protect you. Make sure to practice using various tools that can come in useful, such as radios and satellite phones. Communication will be vital to your survival. You must feel confident in your skin, as your readiness will offer the best chance of long-term survival.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Technology can’t be relied upon in the long term when it comes to a deadly fallout of this kind. Stock up on physical maps of your local area, state, or country, especially if you are unfamiliar with the geographical layout. Maps and their data will provide you with key points of interest, such as pharmacies, hospitals, and military facilities. They will also guide you to potential nearby shelters, in case your shelter casino is still ways away.

Practice Good Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene by using disinfectants, adequate medicine, and taking advantage of shower facilities. Maintaining your hygiene will be essential to survival if the deadly virus is transferable by various means. Minimizing risks of infection will make you less susceptible to common infections and diseases that can temporarily disable your survival journey.

Engage in a Prepper Community

Surviving as a community will be much easier than doing it alone, so it’s important to engage with a community of like-minded survival preppers. You will not only have your back covered but also learn new insights and knowledge, develop tricks, and further hone your survival skills. You can trade supplies to facilitate survival and join forces on supply runs, defensive efforts, and social events to maintain group morale.

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