Nevada Casinos - A Complete Guide to NV Gambling Venues

Is there a place more synonymous with gambling than Nevada? Home to the Las Vegas strip and 485 casinos (more than one for every day of the year), The Silver State has a long and storied past with gambling. It’s hard to walk down the street in Las Vegas without coming across a gaming establishment, but this can definitely be a good thing for those looking for it.

With all these choices, you want to make sure your time and money are well spent. So, read through our expert guide to see what the City of Dreams and the greater Nevada area have to offer. Keep reading to discover the best game rooms and casino resorts available.

Reviews of Our Choice of the Best NV Casinos

Below, you can find our selection of the best Nevada casinos to visit. They include hotel and resort establishments where you can get the best service and make the most out of your experience. These picks are all based on our observations and expert opinion, so check them out!

Top 3 Most Rated Casinos in Nevada

The following casinos have all been put on the map thanks to players like you. Rated by real gambling enthusiasts who have actually set foot on the property and based on their opinions, including everything from the look of the establishment’s interior to the machines available. Whether the casino offered great gaming choices, stellar service, or immaculate hotel rooms, it’s all taken into account by the players and the ratings they have provided. It’s always good to get a second opinion, but what about getting the opinions of thousands of residents and visitors alike?

TOP 3 Biggest Casinos in NV

Macau has taken the crown from Las Vegas as the casino games capital of the world. The truly massive casino locations haven’t gone away though. These are establishments located in the heart of the cosmopolitan Las Vegas strip. A resort and hotel casino like Wynn & Encore offers over a thousand slot games and hundreds of other games. Despite not being number 1 anymore, Nevada casino establishments still carry a lot of prestige and offer a truly classic casino experience. There’s still no place quite like it, so take a look below for the biggest casinos in operation in the heart of the Mojave desert.

TOP 3 Oldest Indian Casinos in Nevada

Gambling has been legal in Nevada since 1931, and there are lots of casinos that have carried a lot of history throughout the decades. Being home to Chicago gangsters, The Rat Pack, mute magicians, and ferocious tigers, you can be sure to find a story around every street corner of Sin City. The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino, for example, began operating back in 1973, but there was already a casino as far back as 1955, and it is still entertaining players. The property itself was built in 1906. The same year it was opened, which makes this hotel casino over 100 years old.

Land-Based Casinos NV vs. Online Casinos

Nevada residents and visitors can enjoy fully legal online sports betting and poker games. However, other online casino games are not regulated and operators are therefore not able to provide them legally within the state. That means if you are looking for table games, you will have to visit a land-based casino. Whether you are playing online or offline, the gambling age remains 21 for all players.

Live GamblingOnline Gambling
Play from phone
Gamble at age 18
Sign-up bonuses
Rewards programs
Fun social atmosphere
Live dealers

Land Based Casinos

When it comes to the sheer range of options available, land-based casinos are still king in the Mojave desert. Slots, blackjack, and roulette games are only available to play legally and in a regulated environment by visiting land-based casinos in Nevada. These locations will also be able to offer sports betting and poker tournaments, which are the only forms of legal online gambling in the state. That is, of course, matched with the world-renowned establishments found on the Strip, making it seem like the obvious choice for most over playing on your screen.

Online Casinos

Online sports betting has become very common across most US states now, alongside Daily Fantasy sports. However, not so many states can say the same when it comes to online poker. Being able to join a poker tournament or check the latest odds on the go definitely has its advantages. This is possible for both visitors and residents.

For other casino games, there are social casinos available. Whether real-money online casinos will one day become legalized in Nevada is anyone’s guess for now. Based on our observations of other US states, we wouldn’t put money on it happening any time soon, though.

Nevada Casino Details

Nevada is home to a range of different types of casinos. Tribal casinos, racinos, and establishments ranging from small betting halls to monumental resorts are all open for business. Two out of the 32 Native American tribes that call Nevada home operate casinos.

Keep in mind that Las Vegas isn’t the only major city offering these types of experiences, as Reno and Elko also have a lot to offer. Close your eyes and put your finger on the map, and you are sure to land on something.

Some Nevada casinos offer machines numbering in the thousands, with hundreds of other games available as well, including poker, craps, and blackjack. There are said to be over 160,000 slot machines throughout The Silver State and over 20 poker rooms in Las Vegas alone. No other state in the country can offer gambling on the same scale as is provided here. It is ideal for visitors and locals alike.

Taxation of Winnings

All US states have a fixed 24% federal tax on all winnings. On top of this, an additional tax is applied to any total winnings that amount to over $5,000. This tax is slightly higher for visitors than it is for Nevada residents.

Tax for residents
Prize ($)
State tax for residents:
Any prize over $5,000
All winnings
Gross Income Tax
Tax for non-residents
Prize ($)
State tax for residents:
Any prize over $5,000
All winnings
Gross Income Tax

The History of the Development
of Nevada Casinos

Gambling has been legal in Nevada for almost 100 years now and with that has come a lot of history. Numerous documentaries and movies have been made about the highs and lows of Sin City, Reno, and the surrounding Mojave desert. But where did it all begin?

Total ban

All forms of betting were made illegal in 1910 due to a decision made by the Nevada Legislature. This came as a result of an ever-growing temperance movement that would also lead to the eventual prohibition of alcohol that would start in 1920. Just like prohibition, however, this betting ban wasn’t to last.


If prohibition wasn’t enough, the 1920s also saw the birth of The Great Depression. This brought financial ruin to millions across the country and was a truly devastating event for businesses and individuals alike. As an attempt to rise out of the Great Depression, Humboldt County Assemblyman Phil Tobin spearheaded legalization with great success, passing through the senate vote 13 to 3 in favor.

Hoover Dam Construction

The famous Hoover Dam began construction in 1931 and brought in a massive workforce. This workforce needed some entertainment, which is what arguably kickstarted the casino boom for legitimate and mafia-linked organized crime operators to set up shop. While the development boom didn’t reach its full potential until after World War 2, this was the beginning of what would make Las Vegas the largest city founded in the 20th century.

Death and taxes

It wasn’t until 1945 that Nevada casinos started being taxed by the government. This tax was fixed at an incredibly low 1% of all gross gaming revenue that surpassed $3,000. Illegal and criminally funded venues began springing up throughout the state during the 1940s, partially thanks to these low taxes. Benjamin Seigel made the headlines in 1947 for being connected to organized crime and getting shot dead after his Flamingo Hotel Casino project went over budget by an estimated 5 million dollars.

Taxation without regulation

While the state had finally started taxing casino operators, it did little else to keep a watch over the industry. There was no regulatory body, only a Tax Commission that was responsible for ensuring the money was being paid. This lack of regulation kept the floodgates open to organized crime elements that took advantage of this major oversight. Notable Chicago mobsters like Jimmy Hoffa began pouring in money to develop this lucrative market that had little to no oversight.

Howard Hughes lands in Vegas

A notable figure in the aviation industry, Howard Hughes began buying up portions of property throughout the city in 1966. This included casinos and resorts tied to organized crime, with an estimated spend of over $300 million. The vast takeover by Hughes marked a turning point with a departure from the rampant criminally tied activities and moving closer to the metropolitan casino haven we now see. He is said to be a major influence on the more legitimate representation we know Las Vegas to be today.

Going legit and going big

The ‘70s and ‘80s were the beginning of the end for the mafia’s grip on Nevada casino establishments. Numerous FBI crackdowns and media spotlights, along with the decline of the mafia’s overall influence, gave room for legitimate operations to take over. This was also the beginning of the megaresort era, with the construction of The Mirage taking center stage in 1989. Apart from a dip during the home mortgage crisis of 2007, Nevada has seen a continued boom of casino resorts that carries on today.

Responsible Gambling

Enjoy gambling responsibly! Set limits on your time and money, and remember that it’s meant to be fun. If you ever feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic, seek help and support. Take control of your gambling experience and ensure it remains a positive and enjoyable pastime.

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NV Land Based Casinos FAQ

How many casinos are there in Nevada?

There are currently around 485 casinos operating in Nevada today, with that number continuing to rise thanks to non-stop development throughout the state.

What was the biggest casino in Nevada?

The Wynn & Encore was and still is the biggest casino in the state. At 191,424 square feet, it is the second largest in the country.

What was the first casino to open in Nevada?

The Golden Gate Hotel & Casino first opened its doors in 1905. It was eventually closed due to the betting ban, but the property still remains a casino to this day.

Which casinos in NV offer free parking?

Many NV casinos offer free parking to locals; however, this may be limited to a 3-hour stay. Otherwise, many casinos now charge for parking. We recommend checking with the casino directly to see what their parking policies are.

How much is the annual tax revenue from casinos in Nevada?

In 2023, it was reported that Nevada casinos generated $15.5 billion, which is a new record for the state.

Is there a new casino opening soon in NV?

New casinos with attached hotels and resorts are constantly being built throughout Nevada. The Fontainebleau just opened its doors at the tail-end of 2023, boasting the tallest habitable building in the state. Dream Hotel and Casino is expected to open at the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025.

Where can I get help with a gambling addiction?

You can call the National Council on Problem Gambling HelpLine at 1-800-GAMBLER. Alternatively, you can contact support organizations such as the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling and the Nevada Problem Gambling Services.

What city in Nevada has casinos?

Las Vegas is a given, but what about other cities? Reno and Elko are two other major hotspots for casino games that are well worth checking out. There are over 20 different casinos in Reno alone.

What are the typical opening hours for casinos in Nevada?

Las Vegas never sleeps, with most casinos open on a 24/7 basis. You’ll be hard-pressed not to find something during any hours of the day.

What measures do Nevada casinos take to promote responsible gambling?

The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling takes a special interest in employee training and creating clear, specialized messaging and marketing for customers. It must be said that it is not quite as strict, especially when it comes to marketing, as in other states and jurisdictions.

Can visitors find non-gambling entertainment in Nevada casinos, like shows or concerts?

Las Vegas has been the host of many historical shows, such as The Rat Pack, Siegfried and Roy, and Penn and Teller. While many of these world-famous acts are not around anymore, you can still expect big shows and concerts all over the state.

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