Oklahoma Casinos - A Complete Guide to OK Gambling Venues

Oklahoma is home to one of the largest Native American populations in the US, including what was once known as the “5 Civilized Tribes”. Thanks to the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, these communities have been allowed to flourish alongside the state’s casino industry. The Sooner State is 2nd only to Nevada when it comes to land-based casinos, with 33 distinct tribes operating more than a hundred casinos, which makes it one of Oklahoma’s largest industries.

This gives residents and visitors a large selection to choose from when it comes to venues and games. Sometimes, all these choices can be difficult to sort through, which is why we have provided this expert guide to give you all the information you need to navigate the best casinos in Oklahoma.

Reviews of Our Choice of the Best OK Casinos

Finding the right casino can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to help with our top 3 picks of the biggest and best casinos in the state where you can bet on your favorite slot machines, casino games, and horse racing events. Interested in a quick visit or an overnight stay in a hotel room? We’ve got you covered.

TOP 3 Casinos Most Rated in Oklahoma

We’ve scoured through the internet to find the top-rated casinos in Oklahoma based on player ratings. They come directly from patrons who play with their own money, so you can expect unbiased opinions. Whether it’s based on dining experiences, rooms, the casino itself, or all of the above, the casinos mentioned below are all favorites amongst residents and those visiting the Sooner State, from Oklahoma City to Miami and from Tulsa to Lawton. Don’t leave it up to luck to find the best casinos around.

Top 3 Largest Casinos in OK

Sometimes bigger is better, as is clearly demonstrated by the illustrious WinStar World Casino and Resort. The largest casino, not just in the state, but in the entire US, and only a 2-hour drive from Oklahoma City. A bigger casino means more slot machines, more tables, and more potential fun. With so many options available at these casinos, you are sure to find something to suit your gambling preferences. These places give a good reason to stop off from the famous Route 66 interstate highway and see what Oklahoma really has to offer.

TOP 3 Oldest Indian Casinos in Oklahoma

Native American casinos have been around in Oklahoma since November 2004. In the past 20 years, over a hundred casino establishments have since been set up. Take a page from the classics and experience some of the more well-established gambling venues in the state. We all like to take chances when playing, but sometimes, it’s best to keep on track with what is tried and true. It might not be possible to control if a bet wins or loses, but we can at least control where we are playing. Based on our observations, these casinos provide a perfect mix of being reliable while also keeping up with modern interests.

Land-Based Casinos OK vs. Online Casinos

Oklahoma does not currently issue any licenses for online casinos, meaning that players will have to look to offshore online casinos to get into some online action. This does pose its own risks, as you will not be covered by any protections.

Live GamblingOnline Gambling
Mobile gambling
Gamble at age 18
Sign-up bonuses
Rewards programs
Fun social atmosphere
Live dealers

Land Based Casinos

Try as they might, online casinos can never really provide that true casino experience and feel that you get from entering a gaming hall. The unmistakable noise of a slot machine win, the clattering of dice and roulette wheels, and, of course, the cheers and groans of people winning and losing.

Don’t forget the thrill of everyone cheering on the horses at the racetracks. While you can get some very good reward perks from online casinos, they can’t necessarily compete with land-based establishments that can come up with amazing perks like a free hotel room, extravagant meals, or more tailored services.

Online Casinos

Despite Oklahoma being able to boast the largest casino in the world, it still can’t compare with the infinite amount of space available online. This means that more niche games, such as bingo and video poker, can be easily found.

The fact that so many slots and virtual table games offer a free play mode means that you can test your strategies or try out a new option without risking any real money. There’s also something to be said for being able to gamble on the go from your tablet or mobile device.

Oklahoma Casino Details

With more than 100 casinos operating in Oklahoma, you can expect to find venues of all shapes and sizes. From smaller gaming halls to massive casino hotels and resorts, there’s sure to be something to suit your tastes. These are primarily Native American casinos being owned and operated by 33 distinct and federally recognized tribes, including Osage, Choctaw, and Cherokee Nation communities. In 2022, the state saw an 18% increase in tribal gaming exclusivity fees, reaching $191.5 million.

Some of these places offer thousands of different games, including slots, blackjack, roulette, and poker. There are also three racinos in operation, allowing you to place your bets on the horses. Most establishments are open 24/7, with some being closed during certain holidays such as Christmas and Easter.

For those of you who smoke, you can expect to find dedicated smoking areas in Oklahoma casinos. These areas will be located outside, where casino games can also be located in a dedicated outside gaming and smoking area. Many establishments also offer free parking, making it ideal for visitors and locals alike.

Taxation of Winnings

All casino winnings, no matter how small, must be declared and will be taxed. Oklahoma casinos also take a 24% cut from any winnings to contribute towards federal taxes. These will automatically be taken from your winnings. You also have the option of reporting any gambling losses as tax-deductible, although you will need to have proof of these losses. Non-residents are required to fill out a 511NR Income Tax Form for any prize worth over $1,000.

Tax for residents
Prize ($)
State tax for residents:
Any prize
Income tax rate:
% varies depending on overall income
Tax for non-residents
Prize ($)
State tax for residents:
Prizes over $1,000
Income tax rate:
% varies depending on prize size

The History of the Development
of Oklahoma Casinos

Oklahoma has a long and complicated history when it comes to the enigmatic, noble, and diverse tribal communities that inhabit the state. This history eventually led the federal government to create the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act in 1988, which granted exclusive casino rights to tribes across the country. This didn’t quite mark the beginning for tribal casinos in Oklahoma.

Gambling banned in Oklahoma

In 1916, all forms of gambling were banned in the state.

Legalization of horse race betting

That year saw the first form of legalized gambling in Oklahoma since the blanket ban. This was followed by off-track betting and racetrack gaming machines being legalized.

Choctaw Bingo

The first high-stakes bingo was organized by the Choctaw tribe.

Indian Gaming Regulatory Act

This nationwide act passed, which paved the way for tribal casinos.

The State-Tribal Gaming Act

This Act came into effect in November 2004 and was the beginning of tribal casinos in Oklahoma.

Opened in December 2004, the WinStar World Casino and Resort is now the largest casino in the world.

Casino Boom

Creek and Osage establishments began springing up throughout 2005, marking the beginning of the casino boom in Oklahoma.

Responsible Gambling

Enjoy gambling responsibly! Set limits on your time and money, and remember that it’s meant to be fun. If you ever feel that your gambling habits are becoming problematic, seek help and support. Take control of your gambling experience and ensure it remains a positive and enjoyable pastime.

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How many casinos are there in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma is home to one of the largest selections of casinos in the entire US. With 100+ casinos, it is second only to Nevada.

What was the biggest casino in Oklahoma?

The WinStar World Casino and Resort is not only the biggest casino in Oklahoma but also the largest one in the world based on its 400,000 square footage.

What was the first casino to open in Oklahoma?

WinStar is not only the biggest; it was also the first fully-fledged casino to open its doors in the state back in 2004.

Which casinos in OK offer free parking?

The majority of casinos offer free parking in Oklahoma. If you want to be sure, we recommend you contact the specific casino directly for confirmation.

How much is the annual tax revenue from casinos in Oklahoma?

The year 2022 saw an incredible $3.19 billion in generated tax revenues from class 3 gaming. Oklahoma State also received an additional $191.5 million in operation fees from casinos.

Is there a new casino opening soon in OK?

There are a number of casinos currently in development in Oklahoma. Choctaw Landing is scheduled to open relatively soon, with an expected date somewhere in spring 2024. This site will also include a full resort.

Where can I get help regarding gambling addiction?

For any gambling addiction issues, you can call the National Helpline for Problem Gambling at 1-800-522-4700. You can also get help via a website by visiting www.oapcg.org

What Oklahoma city has casinos?

Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Miami are all home to numerous casinos. However, you can find gambling establishments scattered throughout the whole state.

What are the typical opening hours for casinos in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma casinos are typically open on a 24/7 basis. Some establishments may be closed for certain holidays, such as Christmas Day, however.

What measures do Oklahoma casinos take to promote responsible gambling?

Oklahoma casinos are required to provide players with correct information on potential risks, support services, and odds. They are also held to strict responsible advertising practices. This includes highlighting the risks of gambling and ensuring that minors are protected.

Can visitors find non-gambling entertainment in Oklahoma casinos, like shows or concerts?

You can expect shows, concerts, and other events at the larger casinos and resorts in Oklahoma. Smaller venues may not be able to cater to non-gambling entertainment. We recommend you check with the casino if you have a specific one in mind.

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